вівторок, 5 червня 2018 р.

FlamingoMania :)

Flamingos here, flamingos there, flamingos are everywhere now :))) Not saying I'm a big fan of those pink birds but come on! they are just iconic now :)) This card in particular is for a girl who unlike me loves flamingos all around :)

This cute card is my inspiration for a new challenge on Studio75's blog here
Hope you like it ;) 


четвер, 10 травня 2018 р.

Provence Card with Violet Love

Hi Guys! I have a very nice brand new collection from Studio75.pl to introduce you. Lovely pastel violets together with natural earthy tones. Very suitable for my favorite Provence style :) Meet "Violet Love" please!

Violet love zestaw papierów Violet love 06 Violet love 07

Violet love 09 pasek z elementami do wycinania Violet love 08

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice week!

вівторок, 17 квітня 2018 р.

Different Shape Communion Cards

Hello, dear friends! Spring is the season of First Holy Communion cards for most cardmakers and I'm not an exception :) Today I want to show you two communion cards I've made being inspired by ideas from Pinterest. Very rarely I use card shapes other than classic square or rectangular but today is that  rare case :) Papers, of course, from my beloved Studio75.pl
 Hope you'll enjoy them! 

Materials I've used:

The Peony Avenue zestaw papierów 30,5x30,5cm The Peony Avenue 05 Aleja Róż 03


пʼятниця, 23 березня 2018 р.

Easel Card for a Baby Boy

Привіт, мої хороші! Сьогодні покажу вам листівку для маленького хлопчика. Скажу по-секрету,  ми чекаємо на нього з дня на день :) За тиждень листівочка полетить в Україну на зустріч зі своїм маленьким власником ! 
Папірчик - як завжди останнім часом - від Studio75.pl. Колекції різні, а от кольорова гама - моя улюблена, маленько-хлопчикова :)

Hello dears! Today I'm here to show you my latest inspiration for Studio75.pl. It's a card for a little baby boy, who is still on the way :) Love this color combo for babies cards! 
Easel shape is quite a rare guest on my cards but in this case it makes a statement, I believe :)
Papers by Studio75.pl
chipboard by Scrapiniec.pl

The Peony Avenue 05 The Peony Avenue 01 Aleja Róż 02

Baza na kartkę, 15x15, 20 sztuk Pasta strukturalna 100ml

See you soon!

неділя, 11 березня 2018 р.

Few Cards with Cherry Blossom Collection

Hi guys! Have  seen already gorgeous new collection CHERRY BLOSSOM by Studio75.pl? It's absolutely fantastic! Never thought I'd like this color combination but I really do :) Especially with the hint of gold added. And those flowers for cutting out! They are so easy to arrange and you don't need any other embellishments at all! I've made a couple of cards from this collection in one go. Really hope you like them!

Cherry Blossom zestaw papierów 15x15 cm Cherry Blossom 07 Cherry Blossom 06
Cherry Blossom 08 Cherry Blossom 09 pasek z elementami do wycinania Cherry Blossom 10 pasek z kwiatami do wycinaniaBaza na kartkę, 98x150mm, 5 sztuk

You can find some more details on Studio75 Blog HERE

And don't forget to check out a new Challenge #2 on our blog! It's also inspired by Cherry blossom collection but you can use anything in same palette  :)